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Творча майстерня Світлячок

Historic costume
As you know, every era has its own clothing. For example, create a coat - its history, has a history of a jacket and trousers, skirts and shirts. Fashion designers are trying to create costumes if needed for any play or movie using paintings or descriptions of ancient books. Fashion designers still believe that the creation of a purely theatrical costumes and folk costume - is not the same thing. There is even a kind of glossary of clothing belonging to different eras. Embroidery has long been engaged in the Ukraine girls and women, using every opportunity: either Party, or Dawn in winter or after heavy field work in the spring and summer. Embroidery has long been used rich fabrics, mostly red, overlaid on the canvas. Threads for this was also expensive - silk, silver and gold. At that time dominated by the Byzantine style....
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Congratulations folk dance "Stryyanochka"
Congratulations folk dance "Stryyanochka"...
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